Castle Water is the UK’s leading independent business water retailer, providing water and wastewater services to hundreds of thousands of businesses, charities and public bodies in England and Scotland.  


Castle Water needed a way for their customers to get their data quickly, efficiently and with minimum fuss. That’s why they partnered with us. 


We are very proud to be the selected Technology Partner for Castle Water. Installing our technology has helped thousands of Castle Water customers take back control of their consumption data, and save money.  


One challenge faced by Castle Water was obtaining regular meter readings from their customers. 

Paul Heron, Castle Waters Metering and AMR Manager said: 


 ‘For many customers, taking regular manual readings is a challenge, with meters in hard to reach locations or inaccessible areas. Submitting regular accurate meter readings helps to ensure bills are up-to-date and accurate.’ 


Our technology has helped Castle Water to provide their customers with timely consumption data from even the hardest to reach meters.  


‘Live meter readings provided via AMR help our customers to track and lower their overall water consumption to ultimately reduce costs and improve sustainability. 


Early leak detection is crucial to finding and fixing a leak, reducing physical damage and any costs incurred. Our customers with AMR installed can now see full consumption data every hour of the day’ 

– Paul Heron 



Our AMR technology provides customers with alerts for any unusual consumption, ensuring potential leaks are spotted quickly, saving the customer money and helping to prevent further damage.  


Our partnership with Castle Water ensures their customers never miss a thing and can access their data in one, easy to read location – the fusion portal.  


For more information on our partnership with Castle Water, check out our Case Study!