Our History with IoT

We have been working with IoT technologies for over 20 years.
IoT makes a device ‘smart’ by making it capable of collecting and analysing data.
We use IoT to monitor, control and optimise your cities, buildings and utilities.

We Make IoT Happen

We connect our leading IoT Sensors to our secure wireless networks and gather millions of data points every day
to help cities, companies and individuals to lower their energy bills, cut carbon emissions and improve their services.

Low Power
Wide Area Network

LPWAN is designed for sensors and applications that need to send small amounts of data over long distances multiple times per hour from varying environments.

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End Point Devices

Device lifetime is important when investing in IoT technology. Our devices communicate via LPWAN protocols, with IP68 concealed battery which provide a 10 year battery life.

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Utilising LPWAN Technologies

Depending on the location of the device and the information to be transmitted, the choice of the appropriate network is crucial.

Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) provides a longe range, low powered network and cost-effective IoT solution.

What are the right criteria for choosing an IoT network ?

One technology cannot serve all applications and volumes. WiFi and Bluetooth are widely adopted to serve personal devices at short range.

Cellular technology is a great fit for applications that need high data throughput but are expensive to operate.

LPWAN offers multi-year battery lifetime and is designed for sensors and applications that need to send small amounts of data over long distances a few times per hour from varying environments.

Several criteria must be taken into account to choose the right network.

LPWAN’S Positioning

We work with the best LPWAN Technology

Our Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) Solution

We provide the most reliable LPWAN connection from any UK Metering & Monitoring Technology Provider.

Repeaters can be added to extend the range and ensure we never fail to connect to the centralised Gateway.
No matter where your meter is located, we guarantee to deliver a strong and reliable solution. If we cannot connect, you will not be charged!

IoT Device
Gateway Hub

Six reasons why we provide the leading
IoT Metering & Monitoring Solution!

Cost Effective Solution

Just one gateway and a single SIM card charge can service thousands of devices, resulting in low connectivity costs.

Security and Confidentiality

Data is end-to-end encrypted and sent through our secure private network.

Long Range

A single gateway can cover an area of hundreds of square kilometres.

Network Capacity

We collect millions of data points daily and provide live access data at the click of a button.

Battery Life

Our end-point devices do not need to be connected to a power source. Our devices have a concealed battery with a 10 year life.

High Quality Service

Our network and end point devices are monitored on a daily basis to ensure a fully maintained and sustained solution. Timely fixes are made where required to ensure continued quality data and servicing.