All the tools you need to effectively manage your consumption


Take control of water consumption

We collect data at regular intervals to provide an accurate view of your water consumption. Data is easily accessible via our user friendly Portal. Automatic alerts and alarms will help you to identify any potential problems. We make it easier for you to reach your sustainability goals and save money. 

Take control of your electricity consumption

We are able to take your reading via walk by, drive by, HR Net and LoRaWAN to ensure you never miss out on getting your data. 

We help target the most wasted utility

Install AMR to your Gas meters to go beyond meter reading for improved operations and safety.

We can provide 30 minute consumption data, so you have the strongest of foundations for your energy management.

All your data, in one place

         Take back control of your consumption data and view your data in one, secure location. Our Fusion Portal is a user-friendly portal
where you can view your consumption data, set up alarms for unusual consumption and monitor your usage. 

We offer a range of plans to meet your needs. 

Click below to check out our pricing plans and choose the one that works best for you