Monitoring your consumption with
Automatic Meter Readings

Waste Water

Compatible with all
pulse-output meters​

Take control of your water consumption.

We collect data at regular intervals to provide an accurate view of your water consumption. Data is easily accessible via our user friendly Portal. Automatic alerts and alarms will help you to identify any potential problems. We make it easier for you to reach your sustainability goals and save money. 

​Truly understand your Waster Water

By installing a Wastewater Meter you can accurately monitor your trade effluent and waster water to ensure you are never overcharged and remove the need for estimated billing.

Control your water remotely

Our Wireless Smart Valve gives you the ability to control and shut off your valve wherever you are.

If you spot a leak or reach your water threshold you can turn off your mains at the click of a button. 

Our Water Quality Sensor provides you with live water quality information. Information includes the level of chlorine, as well as water conductivity, turbidity, absolute pressure and temperature. 

Wireless Smart Valve
Water Quality

Saving a precious resource

Did you know 98% of leakage is underground and not visible.
At the current rate of loss in London, by 2045 there will be a water shortfall of 360 million litres per day.

Live Data

View your live consumption data via the Fusion Portal. Quality data will enable you to better understand your consumption.

Identify Issues

Automatic alerts will identify possible leakage and wastage issues. Our algorithms provide real time consumption analysis.

Fixing Wastage

Once issues have been identified on the portal, wastage points can be located and fixed with minimal disruption to supply.

Return on Investment

Our customers save thousands on leakage and wastage every year. We can identify problems quickly and report on savings.

Locating leakage

Our technology can help identify leakage issues within days of being installed.

We can help you to locate leaks faster and with greater accuracy.

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Fixing leakage
and wastage issues

Water wastage costs UK businesses £3.5bn each year. Our leakage detection and efficiency surveys have been proven to deliver a reduction of water consumption by 95% for some of our customers.

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