We provide the UK's leading Metering & Monitoring Solution

A leading tech solution which can be installed to any pulsed meter, with no disruption to supply!

Making the Internet of Things Happen

We connect the leading IoT Sensors to our Secure Wireless Networks. We gather millions of data points every day to help cities, companies and individuals to lower their energy bills, cut carbon emissions and improve their services.

A Secure Wireless Network

Our IoT sensors can be connected to a secure Private or Public Network.
Wireless connectivity via a Low Powered Wide Area Network 868Mhz.


Long Range

We utilise Low Powered Wide Area Networks, which can safely send data over a long range. This ensures you always get a read, no matter where your meter is.

Safe & Secure

Your data is end-to-end encrypted and sent through our secure private network.

Guaranteed Connectivity

We can link Repeaters to create a strong and seamless network. We guarantee connectivity, wherever the meter is or you will not be charged!

Cost Effective

All our devices connect to a central Gateway. We can connect thousands of end point devices with just one Gateway and a single Sim charge.

Our IoT Sensors

We provide leading IoT Sensors which allow you to monitor your meters.
We specialise in monitoring utilities and offer the leading solution for the UK water market.

Our IoT Devices can
connect to all meters

Our devices connect to all pulse enabled meters . Our devices are hardware agnostic and can be easily installed.

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Live Data and Control

View your data and receive alerts wherever you are. Your data can be viewed remotely and alerts sent to your personal devices. Our data is recorded in near real time, meaning problems can be found and fixed quickly and efficiently before they cause damage.

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