Despite what feels like never ending rain, water scarcity in the UK is a much bigger problem than people realise.

With half of the 150 litres of tap water each person in the UK uses daily going down the drain (literally), demand for water is at an all time high. Scarcity however is not the only problem with water supply in the UK; with cleaning and sanitising our water contributing to 0.8% of the UK’s annual greenhouse gas emissions. This figure is further pushed up to 5.5% when it comes to heating water for general use! 

All of this means one thing; it is vital that we are careful with our water! These 5 gadgets will help you in becoming more water efficient in your home and help us to save our most precious resource. 

1)Hippo the Water Saver 

Hippo the Water saver is a simple, low cost water saving device that helps to conserve water in your household toilet. Flushing the toilet is one of the biggest water wasting actives in the household, but with Hippo you could save up to 3 litres of water with every flush. This not only helps to save water, but can help to save you money! 

2) EvaDrop 

EvaDrop is a smart shower device that saves up to 50% of your water. EvaDrop can be installed to any size shower and looks sleek and modern in your bathroom. You can easily adjust your water flow preferences, temperatures and even set timers and alerts. Plus it comes with a handy app that allows you to see exactly how much water you’re saving and lets you set goals to save even more!

3) CombiSmart 

If you have a combo boiler, you’re probably wasting water. A typical combo boiler produces about 12 litres of hot water a minute, meaning you can waste up to a toilets cistern worth of water every time you want hot water just by waiting for it to reach the tap. But with CombiSmart this becomes a things of the past, CombiSmart slows the flow of water whilst your toilets heats up to the correct temperature. 

4) BathBuoy 

BathBuoy can help bring the fun back to your kids bath time and save water at the same time! BathBuoy is an inflatable accessory that takes up bath space, meaning you use around 40% less water! Plus it comes in a fun tropical island design (what more could you want?) 

5) AMR technology 

By installing our AMR technology to your water meter you can see just how much water your are using. Simply log into the Fusion Portal and all your consumption data will be displayed in one easy to read graph. You can view monthly, weekly or hourly data, enabling you to see where you are using the most water and take steps to change your consumption habits. PLUS with handy alerts that can be sent directly to your phone and laptop, it’s easy to spot if you have a leak or wastage problem. Never miss a thing again with your water meter and take back control of your consumption!