When dealing with your water meter you’ve probably heard the term ‘SPID’ number. You may even know the digits that make up your SPID number. It’s one of those things that is often asked for in the world of meters. But what exactly is it? And what does it mean?


What is a SPID number?

Every business has a unique Supply Point Identifier to identify the water and/or sewage supplies at the property. The Supply Point Identifier number is also called a SPID number.

You will normally have one or two SPID numbers at your premises – one for your water connection and one for your sewage connection.

What does a SPID number look like?

Each business premises will have a Core SPID number made up of 10 digits. These 10 digits will make up the first part of your water/sewage SPID number.

Your SPID number for water will generally consist of 10 digits followed by ‘W’, then two more digits. 
For example: 0000000000W11

Your SPID number for sewage will generally consist of 10 digits followed by ‘S’, then another digit and a letter.
For example: 0000000000S0A


Why is a SPID number important?

A SPID number is important as it lets your water provider know where your access to water is. It is also very important when it comes to your business water charges. It encompasses all the chargeable data items related to your premises, including full meter details and return to sewer allowance.