On 14th December 2020 the UK Government published its highly anticipated Energy White Paper. This has outlined the country’s important next steps in the plans to reach its net-zero emissions target. Furthermore it sends a message that the UK is ready to lead the fight against climate change as Glasgow prepares to host the United Nations COP26 summit next year.

The Paper builds on the Prime Minister’s previously released 10-point plan and gives more information on the government’s plan to transform the UK’s power and heating systems and cut emissions from industry, transport and building to support the overall net-zero 2050 goal.

While ambitious, the commitments outlined in the Energy White Paper are highly welcome in our industry, where we are all committed to increasing sustainability.

The commitments outlined are a positive start but it is important to not lose sight of the fact that action is required rapidly to avoid the most catastrophic effect of climate change.

At Meter we are committed to building a more sustainable future, and with our clients will continue to strive in making the future of energy a greener one.