Sustainability is a word often associated with the energy sector; from Governments setting out energy saving policies and businesses starting green initiatives to individuals installing solar panels on their homes. But what exactly is sustainability? And why is it so important?

Sustainability in terms of energy often refers to energy sources that are not expected to be depleted. Another commonly associated term is Renewable Energy. When talking about sustainability people often conjure images of wind turbines or solar panels – both important sources of renewable energy.

Sustainability can also refer to environmental sustainability. Environmental sustainability is about acting in a way so that future generations will have the natural resources available to them to live an equal, if not better way of life as the current generation. It can also refer to the effort to stabilise the fragile relationship between human culture and the natural world.

Environmental sustainability is vital for the future of our planet – we must act in any way we can, from lowering CO2 emissions, to conserving water. The need for an increased effort in becoming more sustainable is becoming obvious with the increase in climate change.

There are many ways you can contribute and become more sustainable – from turning off lights when leaving the room, to not leaving the tap running when brushing your teeth. Another way to help become more sustainable is by using AMR technology. Our AMR technology can help you identify any wastage in your consumption quickly and easily.

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