How do I use Fusion?

Our Fusion Portal is user-friendly and we offer full training to all our customers. Please see our training videos or manual for a comprehensive guide on how to use the Fusion Portal. If you require help or would like to speak to a member of our team regarding the Fusion Portal, please do not hesitate...

How do I access Fusion?

Each user can login with their unique username and password. Access the Fusion Portal online (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome etc.) via login button on our website or the link below: https://fusion.birdz.com/

What is Fusion?

Fusion is our user-friendly web portal, which provides easy-to-read visual meter data. Our portal is interactive and presents your meter data easily to help you understand your consumption and alert you to any wastage issues. Users can view their meter data every 5/15/30/60 minutes. Fusion analyses your meter data and helps identify issues and understand...

What is a cubic meter of water and how does Fusion present my usage?

Fusion measures all water consumption down to the litre. This is presented on Fusion in Cubic Meters as per your Water Bill and Charges. 1 cubic metre of water (1m³ = 1,000 litres)

How does AMR work?

Our AMR Device counts the pulses being generated by the meter. The data is sent from the Device to to a Private Network Gateway using Low Powered Long Range Radio (LPWAN). The Gateway sends the data securely to our servers and the raw data is then presented on our Fusion Portal.