How often does my AMR device transmit my meter reading?

Our AMR Devices are capable of taking data every 5 minutes. Data is recorded every 5/15/30/60 mins and then transmitted to our servers twice a day (every twelve hours).  

Can my data be used for billing?

Yes. Our AMR devices collect hourly consumption and accurate meter readings. With your consent we can share your meter readings with your retailer for accurate and timely monthly billing.

How secure is the AMR System?

Security has been at the heart of our AMR from its very inception. The system has been designed with top cyber security experts and has been specifically designed to prevent hacking. Our AMR System has its own closed, dedicated communications system to ensure the highest possible level of security.

How is my personal data kept safe when I have AMR installed?

Our AMR device simply records your water meter readings in the same way as your traditional meter. Meter readings collected via AMR will only be shared with your utility retailer with your permission and will allow them to prepare accurate and timely billing. Data is transmitted safely by way of end-to-end encryption, using a dedicated...