Whether you’re open or not this winter make sure your business is ready for the incoming cold weather!

With everything currently going on, the maintenance of your business premises this winter might be the last thing on your mind. Save yourself from added stress by following these simple steps to make sure your premises is winter ready:


Take Photos and Notes

Have a visual account of the condition of your premises and any stock or equipment. If any damage occurs this could be crucial to an insurance claim, should you need to make one. Make sure to also take pictures of the exterior of your premises.


Check your insurance policy

Make sure you know exactly what is covered in your insurance policy – if you can’t find a copy, request one from your insurance provider! Make sure to also take note of your policy number and any contact details should you need to get in touch.

Make sure to look at exactly what is covered and assess whether you should make any adjustments.

Check your heating is left on low

Even if you only plan on shutting for a few days, this doesn’t mean you are safe from frozen pipes. Leaving your heating on low whilst you are away will reduce the risk of your pipes freezing and give you peace of mind during your break!

With the chaos of Christmas, this simple task may be forgotten – try setting a reminder on your phone or in your diary! If the business is closed for an extended period of time, you may want to arrange for yourself or someone else to visit and check for any issues.


Know who to call

Just as you know your insurance policy details, you should also know how to locate and use your stopcock, so you can turn your water on and off. Also make sure you have the number of an emergency plumber as well as your water networks emergency number.


Use your Fusion Portal

Your fusion portal will be your new best friend when it comes to checking your meters from a distance. View your live consumption data and set up alerts to inform you, should anything happen. Our Fusion Portal can send alerts to your phone, so you won’t miss a thing!