The British Gas commercial fleet, believed to be the third largest in the country, is set to go all electric by 2025. This is five years earlier than the companies original commitment and a huge step in the right direction for their sustainability goals. 

Last summer the company ordered 1000 electric vans for its engineers and it has been confirmed an extra 2000 will be added, all of which will be on the road by 2022. The charging points for the vans will be installed at the engineers homes. 

Further to this, British Gas has unveiled plans to never purchase another combustion engine vehicle, all in aid of the UK reaching net zero by 2050. 


Chris O’Shea, Chief Executive of Centrica has said “Everyone needs to act now to lower carbon emissions and help the UK reach net zero.  We are leading from the front by not only lowering emissions for our customers and our communities, but by lowering our own emissions, and by increasing the speed at which we do this.”