Providing Iot Solutions for Cities and Communites

By utilising IoT technology, we are helping cities become better connected. 

Our technology gives cities complete control of their consumption, aiding them in making better decisions and increasing sustainability efforts.



Why Do We Need Smart Cities? 

Today, 54% of people worldwide live in cities. This is suspected to increase to 66% by 2050.
With this increase, it is important for cities to be able to keep up with environmental, economic and social sustainability.

Our IoT technology aides governments and councils by providing accurate, timely data in one centralised database.

Why Choose Meter?

Reliable Data

Our IoT solution provides reliable data collected every 30 minutes.

Fusion Portal

Our fusion portal provides a centralised location where data can be easily viewed.

Alarms and Alerts

Set alarms and alerts for leaks and thresholds to ensure you never miss a thing

Deliver More for Less

Make better, more effective, data driven decisions without any added stress

Identify Problems

Our technology allows you to identify any leakage and wastage easily and quickly

Save Money

Start saving money from day one and say goodbye to overpaying for utilities.