We have a range of plans to meet your needs 👍

Option 1 - Monthly, Metering as a Service (MaaS).

Our Metering and Monitoring as a Service option is a Monthly Subscription, enabling you full access to our technology and live data.

This is an all in package that includes Hardware, Maintenance, Portal Access and Live Data.
The monthly subscription of £25.00 per meter per month
for a minimum of 3 years.

Payment can seamlessly made via DirectDebit and our Service Level Agreement ensure a high quality maintained service.

Option 2 - Purchase the required Hardware and select your level of Annual Service.

We can provide an accurate quote for the hardware required for your project within 48 hours.
Just let us know your site details and Meter Serial Numbers and we will email a costed proposal.

Select your annual service plan to meet your needs. We have three different service levels available. 

Our Premier Plan provides full access to Live Data, Extended Hardware Warranty, Advanced Support and Maintenance Services. 
97% of our customers choose our ‘Premier Plan’.

Compare our Annual Service Plans and choose the best one to suit your needs.



£24.00 / per annum


£36.00 / per annum

Premier Plus

£60.00 / per annum

Fusion Access & Data
Fusion Training
Advanced Fusion Training
Fusion Support
Advanced Fusion Support
AMR Maintenance
Network Maintenance
Meter Pulse Unit Maintenance
Extended Warranty
Bespoke Alerts Setup
Consumption cost view
Efficiency monitoring
Bespoke Consumption Reports
Forecasting and Benchmarking
Custom Monthly Billing File
FTP Export