Land and Property lies at the heart of The Peel Group.


The peel group is one of the foremost real estate, infrastructure and transport investment enterprises in the UK. Peel Land and Property Group own and manage 1.2 million m² of property and 15,000 hectares of land and water. With a total portfolio value of £2.3 billion, The Peel Group needed a way to manage their sites water consumption across the UK.


We were able to supply AMR to a number of sites in the Peel Group, including MediaCityUK, Liverpool Airport and the intu Trafford Centre.


Our AMR technology collects data from the thousands of residential apartments and concessions in their buildings. With our help, the Peel group are able to  bill accurately and in a timely fashion. They are also able to identify leakage at an early stage which helps to ensure damage caused by water is minimized.