High levels of consumption can mean many things; it can be an indication that assets have been left running, it could be legitimate consumption or it could be a potential leak. 


High levels of continuous consumption were spotted on the Fusion Portal by a member of our team on one of HMP Holloways meters. This was quickly followed up to check if it was legitimate consumption or a potential leakage issue. 




After arriving on site to check the meters, we were able to locate both the main water meters as well as the meter that was displaying high levels of continuous consumption. As no site plans were available, we were shown around the site locating various fittings which were then checked visually and sounded for water loss noise. 

We located a meter which was showing both visual and auditory signs of leakage. Most notably the chamber was filling with water once emptied and a high pitch noise, which was detected using listening sticks, on the valve main connection to the water main. We then conducted a Leak Noise Correlation based on an assumed pipe route which gave further indication that the leak is close to the valve. 



Once this was repaired the consumption was again reviewed on the fusion portal, showing extremely positive results. The meter was now showing continuous consumption of 24 litres per hour as opposed to the 709 litres per hour it was previously recording. 


Based on £1.83 per 1m3 for water and wastewater charges, this would give an annual saving of c.£10.9k!