We support Heathrow and their suppliers with monitoring and measurement systems


Sustainability and cost control are at the centre of large infrastructure projects and we supports 4 of the UK’s airports, including Heathrow, and their suppliers with monitoring and measurement systems designed for billing and bill reconciliation, usage analysis, leakage detection and providing alarms and alerts, not only in water but also in tank systems and electricity and gas monitoring.

Depending on specific requirements, data is captured at various intervals and held in the MTS system from which daily (and in some cases hourly) reports are provided to the client via file transfer.  Growing sub-metering, for example to ensure accurate billing of concessions, is promoting increased usage of the monitoring capabilities supplied by a network covering the total area. New network nodes are added if required to ensure the necessary connectivity levels is met at all times.

The total network and the attached devices are monitored on a daily basis thus ensuring timely fixes where required and ensuring the quality and timeliness of the data. In addition to airports, network solutions have also been installed in ports, railway and bus stations, major shopping centres and in local & central government centres.