How the our AMR Helped Bancroft School Save £50k PA within weeks of installation


Spotting potential problems with your consumption may seem like a tricky task, but thanks to our Fusion Portal we are helping our customers take back control. 

Bancroft’s School is one such customer who has used our technology to their advantage and managed to save money by spotting a leakage problem via Fusion. 

Once our technology was installed, Bancrofts had access to an easy to read view of their consumption data. This meant that a potential problem was quickly spotted by our customer once they had logged onto our system. 


 Bancroft’s quickly spotted irregular consumption on their Fusion Portal and were able to trace this to the source of the problem. Once this issue was addressed they were then able to check it had been fixed by viewing their consumption data on their fusion portal and by seeing it was now displaying normal levels of consumption. 


This problem, whilst an easy fix, was costing them large amounts of money each year. This is something they would not have spotted if it wasn’t for our technology! 

Our team was able to run a report for Bancrofts on their potential savings, which are in the region of £50k PA! (based on £2 per 1m3)